Katchem s.r.o.


Katchem spol s.r.o. was founded in December 1990 by nine associates, mainly scientific specialists. The company owners hold many patents and use their considerable technological know-how to develop the company’s products. Initially, we produced some chemical products, performed chemical analyses, and produced polyamide castings. Our original premises were located in the Residential Research Areas in Řež near Prague, and later in Kralupy nad Vltavou (Balak a.s.).



  • Laboratory preparation of special borane compounds and research into their potential uses
  • To increase the number of potential industrial and research applications for our products, by scaling up from laboratory synthesis to pilot-plant production
  • Development of new catalysts, research and development of new types of polyamide-based plastic materials (PA-6)
  • Development of new technologies for the preparation of polyamide dusts


Current activities

  • Borane clusters (decaborane, B12H122-, B10H102-, etc.) for science and research
  • Carboranes and their derivatives
  • Borazine and its derivatives
  • Isotopically enriched borane complexes (BH3•Et3N, BH3•Me2S, BH3•NH3, ...)
  • COSANs - Cobaltoborane anions for 137Cs and 90Sr extraction from spent nuclear fuel
  • Agents for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)
  • 10B Enriched 4-borono-L- phenylalanine (BPA)
  • 10B Enriched sodium mercaptododecaborate (BSH)
  • 10B Enriched sodium decaborate (GB-10)
  • 10B Enriched precursors for the preparation of BPA, BSH and other borane compounds
  • Borohydrides and borodeuterides (including various types of isotopic enrichment)
  • Sodium bis(2-methoxyethoxy)aluminium hydride (SYNHYDRID) – distribution for the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries

  •  Polyamide and its production: DILACTAMATE - Katchem, polymerization initiator

  • The research and development of new synthesis methods of borane compounds, catalytic systems for anionic polymerization of caprolactam for new types of polyamide-based plastic materials.